Fun in Budget hostels & Campsites of Kampala

Budget accommodations are much desired and loved by travelers because of the big saving fall got after travel. Many budget lodges & hostel exit across the city to cater for the increasing daily demand of travelers that come into the country for business or holiday reasons.

There is really a lot to love about cheap accommodation and there services because they make an expensive holiday and business trips easy and manageable in terms of finance. One can meet up with new friends across the world and get a chance to share great experiences, laugh and learn lessons of how they have been able to make it on holiday or business till present  especially if putting up in a dormitory room of 4-8 people. Hostels and campsites are truly the most amazing and interesting places for travel unlike hotels in terms of socialite and interactions. Be my witness and book a hostel or campsite instead of a hotel and enjoy the cost saved  while staying in the dorm on your trip like never before.

A traveler relaxed in a hostel for a week and was able to embark on a full day white water rafting trips as well as joining a 3 day budget wildlife viewing trip to Murchison falls National Park. You can do same today by budgeting for a hotel but use a hostel for the rest of your trip. Bigger saving is made if staying for long and more adventures are enrolled hence exploring the entire countries natural attractions on budget. Imagine saving $80 instead of spending $100 per night on a budget trip to Uganda.

Good food and coffee makes it more relaxing for the days spent at the hostel chilling and thinking about your next move. Some travelers think of having  a roughest time in the hostel,sleeping on poor bad state beds, bath from funny  shared bathrooms, find  wired strangers as roommates and many poor quality services which isn’t the case in some Kampala hostels and budget accommodations. They have cheap self-contained rooms for those looking at having privacy and comfort while changing clothes. But still that can’t stop one from meeting up with other friends for a fantastic chat since the hostel welcomes many across the globe.

Since some annoying experiences can’t be avoided when staying in dorms like staying with someone with a noisy luggage that wakes up every one in the morning as they prepare for a bath,loud phone ring tones that irritate in the middle of the night etc. It’s good to travel in groups of friends in order to share the same dorm without strangers in the room. However, always make great research about a particular budget accommodation or hostel before placing in your booking. Make several inquiries from your trip planner about the dorms, rooms, services because the trip planner will take responsibility to advise you on the best and also book you in the best around the area. Also making inquiries about discounted cheap trip offers running in the area is a must because you may need them.

Did you know that even the past big challenge of WIFI is now sorted in most Kampala budget accommodations and hostels?Just carry your laptop or computer as enjoy the hostel benefits as you discover the pearl of Africa. Therefore, one is free to make trip booking while at the hostel as well as communicating with his or her loved ones. Alternatively you can get a local cellphone card and use it to make communications and arrangement for your adventures and excursions across the country. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are always served in time depending on one’s interest and request at the hostel or campsite restaurant but even eating outside the hostel is free of choice. By the way did you know travel on budget opens one’s mind to think positively since all the time one thinks of the best way to retain some dollars for him or herself than spending it all.

For first timers never mind about travelling on budget so long as everything is set under the guidance of your trip planner, fun and excitement of the entire holiday is a must. You don’t have to do lots of everything if you have a trip planner apart from getting to an agreed destination to start the adventure. Carry a reading book with you for long drives, make new friends in every angle starting with your driver guide if you to use private means of transport. However staying in a place for a week call for several short road side and city trips that can be arranged while at the hostel.Don’t take this to mean that no booking hotels for your Uganda safaris because you need to save but I just love the style and fun of budget accommodations, campsites and hotels.

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